Before we go any further, we would like to let everyone know where this story originated from and who wrote it. The "story" or as we refer to it, "the account" came from Dan Riteman in August of 2018. The person who put it into words, and what you are now reading was, Karlacoding. Our own Dan Hurdle, helped to put it all together. A couple of us snapped up the story almost a year ago when it floated around various social networks. We kept it just how Karlacoding wrote it. Our feeling is that it needed to be presented just as she did. While we could go through and correct a lot, it was more important to keep it as she posted it.

Karlacoding is the originator of this account. She is no longer on Reddit. Members remember her, yet she has not been heard of in almost a year. She tried locating Dan but he, like Ian, disappeared. "Where is Ian Thompson" was Dan's post on Reddit that got her attention and involved with the unfolding mystery. She took his account and pulled it into a story. Karla pursued her search for Ian. While she never spoke to him, or at least he never answered her attempts at contact, she did become part of the small cult following he attained. Karlacoding disappeared in early 2019, no one has heard from her since.

Dan Riteman cannot be found. He connected with Karlacoding for two nights, through chat as well as messaging. Her account is how Dan told her it all happened. Her one large note in all this is that for a short period she had proof that other members remember him, then as time went on, members of Reddit began to forget who he was. In her last post, she wasn't even sure if he existed or not. Various Dan Ritemans living in New York were contacted but none knew an Ian nor were they ever members of Reddit. According to Dan, he was born in Boston, but moved to New York with his parents and younger brother, when he was 10. Married his high school sweetheart, with a baby girl on the way. He was a high school teacher in a small town outside of New York. The town was never stated. No one knows if any of this is true or not. His age in 2014 was, 35, in 2018 he would have been 39. Yes, Dan disappeared as well, but by Karla's account, he never had the odd following and mystery about him that Ian did. Ian became something more and left a trail. While they both were part of the test, Dan only was involved for two weeks compared to Ian's two years. Ian's involvement became a nightmare, something they no one could stop.

Ian Thompson Is something all together different. He was 36 at the time the test began, never married, no girlfriends and all his family had passed away. Other then Dan he had no close friends. When they began the test, he was a teacher at the same school Dan was, they were both hired at the same time. Although no records back this up. The main context of the account is not so much Dan, who left the test after two weeks. It was Ian who stayed with the test, to Dan's knowledge up to two years. Dan at some point lost touch with Ian, in fact by his own words forgot he existed. Then he happened to see his Instagram, collection of his writings on Twitter, as well as a Blog he created. It was then that Dan remembered him and all they went through. Hence his panicking over his where about's. Karlacoding states that she followed his IG,  even tried making contact with it, yet no one would answer. His "writings" gained a small cult following. A few of us were lucky enough to have copied his work and saved it for future use. In 2018 his social network accounts and Blog disappeared over night, out of no where, however you want to see it, all of what made Ian, "Ian" vanished. By her account within an hour of reading something he wrote, it disappeared as well as his presence entirely. These days a few of us remember him, yet it's more like a faint blurry memory. Like you think he actually existed but are not really sure.


Continued:.......... Dan's account of Test One.

Dan's mind swam through a series of sights sounds, way before VR unit was switched on. Then as he felt himself drift even deeper into a drug induced state, mind swimming through conscious and unconscious, the VR came on and took over. It wasn't any type of game, where you're taken through a war zone, racing a car or fighting someone, instead Dan said it was images that he saw daily, his wife, work, students he taught, home, Ian, driving around town, it was his life, as if he was simply living out a day. Yet, while it was his life, it also wasn't. In fact a few things seemd out of place. He met his wife in Junior High school, began dating her his Senior year yet she looked different to him. Maybe slightly taller? Thinner? Hair darker? He couldn't put his finger on it. It was all like a dream only real. The fetal sound gave way to actual sound. He remembered actaully talking to his wife, them talking about their baby boy that was on the way. Making plans for their future. His cell phone ranf and in a rush he was in his car driving somewhere. As various scenerios rolled through his brain, he found that he felt he was awake being led by nurse Karen down the long hallway to another room. The hall of the hospital was crowded. Patients, nurses, doctors, vistors, etc., all an obstacle to go around as Karen led him and his IV to another location. Sun streamed through the windows, as he covered his eyes, it was just too bright. Eventually the throbbing in his ears became louder and louder until the fetal heartbeat once again took over. His last image was Ian walking with his nurse in front of him, then his vision blurred and life went dark again. Dan sat for what seemed like hours in silence before he felt the cold hands of Karen lightly pull off his VR unit. Dan sat there for a few minutes trying to get his eyes and ears to work again. He still felt drugged but could feel the effects wearing off. He mustered the strength to talk. How long have I been out, he asked as William scooted a metal stool up to his side. Four hours and 15 minites, William stated as he looked at his watch. Dan couldn't believe he had been out that long. I'm going to ask you a series of questions, Dan. William moved through a few pages on his clipboard. What year is it Dan? 2014, Dan replied as it is was a stupid question. State? New York? Are you married? Yes! Children? Baby Boy on the way. Job? Teacher. What's your height? 5'8", Dan was never proud of this, his wife was taller by an inch. Brothers and sisters? I have one brother, younger then me. Dan stopped for a minute, Um? Maybe? I think? Dan began to doubt all that he had answered to. Dan, what is my name? Karen! Karen checked off the last question on her clipboard as she grabbed a mirror from the table beside them. Dan look in the mirror and tell me what you see. Dan sat up a little, realizing that he was still restrained, head foggy, eyes blurry, mouth dry, head swimming. The room was dark other then one surgical light. The narrow light beam lit his legs, giving a warmth yet blinding him to a certain extent. Dan pushed up until he could see clearly into her mirror. The guy staring back at Dan was not familiar to him, and while at first he was amused to confused, this gave way to fear. Who the hell was that and why am I inside him? Dan cleared his throat. Karen gave him a minute. Describe the person in the mirror Dan. Dan looked hard at himself and slowly his mind began to accept what he was seeing although he was still confused. Uh? He has reddish hair, a little longer then I wear it, face is skinny but looks rougher, full beard, vision is not the best here, ....Karen reached over...try it with your glasses on. Dan looked hard at Karen. I don't wear glasses. She smiled as she placed them on his face. Try again. Dan closed his eyes hard. None of this can be true. None of it. Who is the guy in the mirror. I didn't have a beard four hours ago, don't have red hair, and I've never worn glasses. Opening his eyes, he still saw the new guy before him, yet this time around he also noticed a visible scar on his cheek slightly hidden by his beard. Dan didn't get it at all. What the fuck had happened? What had they done to him? Karen asked if he felt like he could stand? Dan thought for a minute. Yeah he replied, as she unstrapped him from the chair. Dan's two feet hit the floor, legs felt weak as she helped him down the hallway to his room. Rest here a bit Dan, then we can go over your questions again. I think your friend Ian, should be done as well. As she sat me on the bed, I had to rethink, who Ian was. Fuck, my mind was messed up. I just sat there and looked at my hands and feet, neither looked famillar. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a man enter the room. Looking over at first it seemed as though he was a stranger, getting way to close for comfort. The guy took hold of my face, got close and kept repeating my name. Dan!! His words were garbled, muffled at first, then the voice became clearer. DAN!

Ian slapped Dan in the face a few times. Dan?? Are you in there? Dan blinked a few times. Felt like he was drunk, disconnected from everything around him. Ian held Dan's head for a few minutes. Dan, it's me Ian!! Reality began to wake Dan up. Ian? Ian? Yeah, Dan it's me. As Dan's mind began to clear it hit him that the guy before him was not the Ian he began to remember. He was muscular, verses how he remembered Ian as, a skinny guy with a beer gut. Yet, this guy who is calling himself Ian, was all muscle, tanned, with what appeared to be tattood arms, given that he was waering a wife beater. He had a light beard, his hair seemed sort and blonde. This wasn't an Ian that he knew. Dan pulled his face out of Ian's hands and stood up as if to confront the guy. Standing on still shaky legs he went nose to nose with the stranger. Dan!! It's me Ian. Nose to nose Dan looked at Ian, then down at his own feet. How tall are you Dan asked, Ian. I'm 6'2' Dan. Dan's eyes got big. If you are my Ian, then why am I now, your exact height? Ian looked at Dan. Please try and remember all that is coming back to memory, Dan. Write it down if you have to. We are not the same guys we were when we went into this. Ian pointed over to the light blocks on the windows. We began this at 5am, and they claim the procedure was no more then four hours long. Yet, look around the light block over the windows. It was dark out. You've been out longer then me Dan. Took me awhile to get my shit straight. I don't think they know that I can remember all I can. So let's go over our lives quickly as we remember it. Dan shook his head ok. Ian sat Dan back down. What do we do for a living? Teachers, Dan shot back. What state do we live in? New York? Give me a hard one, Ian. Ian thought hard for a minute. Parents alive? Dan thought for a minute, yes!! Brothers and Sisters? Brother!! Younger then me and a pain in the ass!! And? Ian looked at Dan in the eyes, and? Dan looked wide eyed at Ian, and? Ian looked concerned. Dan? Dan thought for a second,...Denis? Denis? Who is Denis? Your sister, Dan. She has tried convincing me to go out with her since we've known each other. Dan looked at the floor. I only know her name, Ian. I don't remember her. I swear when we came here I only had a brother. Ian, thought hard for a minute. Fuck!! I think I remember that as well. Shit!!!   Ian shook his head as if to shrug off a bad dream.