Issues that are released for purchase are available in Premium Quality through Blurb. If an Economy version is available it will be listed. All sales are through Blurb Books, unless a special PDF sale is available through this site and at a cut cost.

In the two years that we set about creating, PHOTOSESSIONMAG and then it's sister publication, Potassium Magazine. A continual problem has been the final price of the magazine.

In production we try and keep the page count down to keep the price down. Yet when you have a large number of artist who have submitted work, this isn't always possible. At 68 pages you are looking at a magazine that is at least going to be $18.59. We try and keep it at this quanity of pages since it allows us to include a decent representation of every artist work. Of course this cost of $18.59 is based on the highest quality that Blurb Books (Printing Company) has, the Premium. Our first two issues of PSM in 2019, was only available in Premium. That was our standard.

Then we began to receive emails from not just fans but also our artist. The cost to purchase a magazine, with shipping and handling included, was simply too much. For some, all they could afford was the PDF. So we made the move to provide an Economy version of the magazine, that is usually $3.00 less then Premium. This seemed to satisfy everyone and we heard of no issues, until just recently with our Economy only Potassium Magazine. Blurb Printing was mailing out issues with printing track marks. For some, they didn't seem to mind, for others it was an insult to the work shown. Once again we began to get emails and irritated post on our Instagram profile. Artist didn't want their work shown on a bad quality magazine and fans felt they were given a cheap product. We listened, apologized and agreed to ONLY provide a Premium issue of not just Potassium, but also with PHOTOSESSIONMAG. This seemed to please everyone. Least until the emails once again began to come in.

In not one, but over a dozen emails, Artist and fans explained that while they love both magazines, they lived on a budget. The purchase price that we charged could go for paying a bill, or for food. While they loved the look of the Premium Quality, the extra $3. was outside their budget. They were even understanding that while the Economy might have track marks, at least they had a publication with their work in it, and could hold it in their hands. So once again, we were put into the middle of an issue and a problem that needed to be resolved. How to satisfy both view points.

Here is our solution. Beginning with Issue Six of PHOTOSESSIONMAG and Issue Two of Potassium Magazine, BOTH, Premium and Economy Quality will be offered. As well as the PDF. We spent a week bending to one side or the other, and in the end, there is no reason why both sides can't win. We will go back to our orignal position of providing all options that Blurb Books provides.

As long as the following is understood.

The Economy Quality is exactly what it states that it is, Economy. A cheaper version. Thin paper, llite weight and less image gloss. More like a cheaper grade of magazine or advertisement. Economy issues are printed using inkjet. This is a gamble when producing a photo magazine, especially on thin base paper. You can either get a fantastic rendition or have an issue with track marks, printing flubs, etc.. These are issues that you will have to accept. Now, in some cases Blurb will reprint your issue, but there is no saying you will get a re-copy minus defects. It is just the way that Economy Quality magazines work. Blurb Books and MagCloud are equally the same with their Economy choices.

Premium is printed on higher quality paper, heavier, with a satin finish and printed differently then Economy. Much like a high quality Photo Book. So it's worth buying.

Both are publications are printed by Blurb Books. They are NOT bulk produced. They are print on demand magazines. MagCloud is the same. There are no mass prints rolled out for each issue. If you make an order, then that ONE issue is printed and sent out. For now  that is the norm in small publication printing. If we went for bulk, then it raises our cost and your purchase price. So for now, this is how we work.

If you understand this and are good with it, then by all means, purchase the Economy. To be perfectly honest, as an artist, while I love the look and feel of the Premium Quality, I also love the lite thin version of the Economy. So in my point of view, you can't go wrong with either.

Controversy over.