OCTOBER ISSUE/ISSUE FOUR: THE HALLOWEEN ISSUE. This is self explanatory. Send us your Halloween theme ideas. The whole magazine is about Halloween. Every inch. This will be our biggest issue for the year. Over 80 pages. Everyone is invited. Whatever your idea of horror, fear, haunting's, ghost, vampires, witches, etc., submit it!! I cannot say this enough. We want blood, mayhem, evil, the list could go on. It's the magazines year end issue, so let's do it with a bang!!

Other departments of course are music, bands, and who knows what else we will add. The magazine is in its youth. We have so many ideas we wish to pursue.

. Here is a quick rundown of what we require for submissions.

Submissions: 5 to 10 (or, more)
1. Vertical Images: 8.5" x 11" (2500 x 3300) 300dpi/High Resolution
2.Horizontal Images: 17" x 11" (5100 x 3300) 300dpi/High Resolution

Cover Contest Deadline: October 13th, Winner announced: October 15th
Image Submission Deadline: October 18th, Release Date: October 27th

COVER CONTEST: Every issue. For each and every issue we allow the person contributing work to shoot for it. Submit work, please. Label work intended for the cover contest, Cover Contest. If the issue has a particular theme then send images based on the theme, not outside the theme. It waste our time and yours if the image submitted has zero to do with the planned subject. We simply pass on it.

Please credit all involved with your image submitted. Credit Models, MUA's, Photographers, etc. Anyone involved with your work you contribute, please provide this information.

If you want to send us samples for consideration, then by all means send by email. But for final images please send by Dropbox.

Email is: ktracy32@hotmail.com