I've lined out the next two issues that we have coming up for the year. Of course this is just the basic info. For each coming issue we will add additional details. But this will give you an outline.

OCTOBER ISSUE/ISSUE FOUR: THE HALLOWEEN ISSUE. This is self explanatory. Send us your Halloween theme ideas. The whole magazine is about Halloween. Every inch. This will be out biggest issue for the year. Over 80 pages. Everyone is invited. Whatever you idea of horror, fear, haunting's, ghost, vampires, witches, etc., submit it!! I cannot say this enough. We want blood, mayhem, evil, the list could go on. It's the magazines year end issue, so let's do it with a bang!!

Other departments of course are music, bands, and who knows what else we will add. The magazine is in its youth. We have so many ideas we wish to pursue.