5th Light Publications is testing out Ebooks, with our third issue of Potassium.
The cost will be kept a low of $4.99 a download, while we examine if it is the right fit for our line up of publications.

Before you jump at the chance of purchasing one and having quick access to the magazine. We would like to throw out a few details about EBooks before you do.

A. EBooks are best used on your Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, etc..It's not really made for a laptop of desktop. You can acquire EBook readers but it's much easier for phone use.

B. There are three main pages missing from the EBook, that usually comes with a print copy or PDF. The INSIDE front cover, INSIDE back cover, and BACK cover (outside) to the magazine are not included. It's just how an EBook is setup. So don't buy one if you expect to have the full magazine. This is ONLY with an EBook. The actual print magazine and PDF comes fully intact with all pages included.

So why buy an EBOOK?

1. They allow you to view the magazine much like a book where you see a full horizontal image and can flip through the magazine, just like it was a print mag. PDF's cut a horizontal image in half.

2. The graphics and images are amazing in an EBook. Much better then it is with a PDF!! The images are crisp and saturated iin color. Awesome look to the magazine. PDF's don't have this good of a look.

3. Price point is lower then the print and a gives you quick look at what the print copy will look like. Plus you can view it on your phone at any time.

4. At $4.99 a download it is NOT a replacement to having a print copy, but it goes with it really well as an accessory. Something to enjoy until you have a print issue delivered to you.