After we concluded SESSIONS Online Magazines runs, and turned our attention to a new magazine, we first wanted to test the printing companies that many small mags use. The two top on the block companies are, Blurb and MagCloud. We found that the most popular is MagCloud. But due to the crutch of time and cost, the choice as made to go Blurb. We gathered a small group of artist that we knew we could count in to get us quality work and set about creating a fake version of the magazine. A Demo!! This gave us an idea the finished look, weight and feel of a printed magazine. The results was a fantastic product that spurred us on to get busy and create the actual magazine.

Interestingly enough the DEMO created mass confusion with almost all our artist, the models we shot and the public in general. They all took it as an actual issue of the magazine. The amount of emails we received, text, fb messaging, etc., was something you could drown in. Readers and artist simply did not get that it was a DEMO. It was never meant for wide circulation nor would it go on to be the first issue. Yes! It was popular and we sold many copies. But, it was never intended to be an actual issue. Only a test.

So here is a small sampling of work that is in the DEMO issue of PHOTOSESSIONMAG.

Model: Elonna
Photographer: Suter Photoworks

Model: Elonna
Photographer: Suter Photoworks

Self Portrait Photographer:Felicity

Photographer: Daniel Love
Model: Maria
Photographer: Al Pearce
Model: Anna B
Photographer: James Pate
Model: Mickey Keys
Photographer: Kerry Ray Tracy
Model: Rachel Lawrence