I would like to take a moment and explain this magazine, before you even attempt to submit work. PHOTOSESSIONMAG  is, for year one, strictly a "Contributors Publication". What this means is that no one gets paid at all for work they submit. No one. There is no pay base. This is come to the table and share your work for exposure. Nothing more. We have received inquiries into how much our pay rate is, or how much we pay for work submitted. Zip! Zero! Zilch!! Least for one year. After one year then and only then will we look into paying for work. We are not the only publication who does this. There is at least 20 or more that, are popular on Instagram and Facebook, that work their magazine the exact way we do. This is fully for exposure and nothing more. It's your being seen by people outside of where you live. I cannot promise you will be discovered and become famous. I cannot promise that you will have tons of followers. I can promise that your work will be seen my the masses. That's it. Magazines that sell through Blurb, MagCould and other printers don't have a firm pay base to award photographers and artist compensation and if there are then they are rare. So before you submit work, please read and understand this. There is no paycheck in your submitting work to this magazine, nor a copy of the issue you are in. Revenue from sales goes back towards the equipment and storage we use to produce this magazine. We make very little off every issue sold. Very little!

I would like to say and point out that while you as an artist or photographer feel your work is the best there is, there is another artist out there that feels the same and is willing to be seen at whatever the cost. In creating a past magazine as well as this one we have come in contact with a very small amount of artist who submit their work who feel their work is the best there is and they should be paid over all the others. I'm sorry to say, but as a photographer myself, I have found that no ones work is any better then the other. Anyone at anytime can be replaced by the guy behind them. I have come to find that the artist who feel they should be paid above all the rest are the most arrogant and will at some point be forgotten. I realize this is bitter to hear, but it's truth. In this day in age, there are so many venues of and methods for a person to be an artist and photographer, that the seas is full of them, the pool is full and you are a mere speck. These days, 20 people can go into a room expecting to be the top guy or girl and reality checks in when only ONE is chosen.

This magazine is about artist and photographers who want to be seen over being paid. While I realize many are using their work as an income, this publication cannot help you with that unless your goal is to get your work seen. We have a growing fan base. Those who submit become part of a family. IF you reasoning in being an artist or photographer is strictly for a paycheck, then THIS publication is not for you. Move along.

Arrogance these days in the field of art is high and I blame social media for this. This magazine is for those who want to share for the sake of getting their work seen.