The photographer and model is me Anneli Blom. Pictures taken from 2016-2019.

I take all of my pictures with my smartphone. I always have the phone with me, and the best camera is the one you have with you right. I like the way the phone give me boundaries. If you take pictures in the dark the camera makes the picture grainy from the start and you have to work with that when you edit the picture. Using the timer on the phone is another thing that limits you because you can't put the model in the right position and then take the picture you have to take the pictures and hope for the best. In this case I always end up with a lot of good pictures I can work with later not only the one picture I wanted to create.

I do all of my editing on the phone mainly using Snapseed but also some other apps that are free to create different effects. In the beginning I put filters all over the picture but now I like to "paint" them on just where I want to have them.

The editing is much like painting for me, you play with shadow and light, colours or black and white to create different feelings and atmospheres. I'm obsessed with my vintage dresses and the outline of the body, I want to capture the flow and almost, be able to put the sound of the fabric in a picture. I want my pictures to stir emotions within the viewer. The best thing is if I can make the viewer feel that they are there in the moment and can reach out and touch the model.

The inspiration for a picture can be a line of a song that reflects my emotions or just a "form" of the body or a dress I have in my head. All of the pictures are self portraits so they are bound to reflect my own feelings at the moment. You could say that I make pictures like a sort of self therapy, the editing something meditative to do on the bus to work, and the viewer are invited to look into my soul without realising it.

Best regards
Anneli (feel free to call me Lola my family and friends do)