We have been contacted by a handful of artist and fans wanting to know if we will continue with the magazines or shelve them during this difficult time?

I'll be honest, I never felt that the Coronavirus would prevent us from doing our job of producing two publications. But then we got to mid March (today being March 20th) and it would seem that a few things might interfer with both magazines going forward. After talking with a mix of friends, photographers, artist and our meager staff, we made a few decisions.

First being that both magazines will go on. Nothing prevents us from acquiring work from our artist as well as putting the mags together. In fact, for some it would be theraputic. Their words, not mine. We had a mix of replies to our question of going forward or not. The best answer we received was that if we stopped, then the virus wins. The world is being told to stop, life on hold. Don't allow it to effect the magazines. So we took this fabulous heart felt answer and have a new drive to go forward.

Second, there is one small reality that will stop us all cold. Any magazine really. If Blurb Books and MagCloud decide to close for awhile, (Blurb Owns MagCloud) then this will stop the magazines from being purchased. So while they might be able to be posted. Actual orders might be delayed. Additionally we are watching closely what the Postal Service, FedEx and UPS decide to do. If they hold up service, then we will be sidelined as well. These are all factors that we are preparing ourselves for. For now, we will go forward as if nothing is happening.

Well,.....actually that isn't totally true. We have an idea.

It would seem by a few reports that various countries are going into lockdown. We've noticed that photographers are beginning to post images of the life while being trapped in their homes, cities, towns, etc. We would like to dedicate our July issue of PHOTOSESSIONMAG to those as they experience Social Distancing. We would like to post images that you've shot out your window, or maybe as you venture outside, or at your place of work (if you haven't been laid off). Channel the press photographer in you. We want to see the experience you find yourself in as we all go through this terrible time. Or, we also want to see photoshoots you put together while this all went on. The entire July issue is devoted to how the Coronavirus affected you, your life, your home and family. We realize this is a terrifying ordeal. In some way we see the July issue as our way of documenting as well as joining all of you in solidarity to survive this virus and go on living.

So please pick up your cameras and phones and document.

Potassium Magazine will stay it's course. May and July Issue will be coming up next. We will begin contacting artist April 1st. PHOTOSESSIONMAG, the April Issue is slated to go and will be available for purchase. While we might not be able to afford them when they come out, know that they will be there waiting for when you can. Additionally we might make PDF's more affordable until you can purchase an actual print issue.

Last but not least. We are considering creating a Facebook Group where we can all stay in touch. This would be a group that we can post images, although they would have to be censored. (My apologies). We've been asked about this and it's an idea we are not ruling out. It would give a lot of us that little extra way of keeping in touch. Mkae this whole thing less real, or at least an escape from it. As I said, it's an idea we are throwing around, not set in stone just yet. Please give us your thoughts.

For now, from all of us here at 5th Light Publications, we hope you all stay safe, from the virus as well as other elements. We are all going through uncharted waters. Our prayers are with you.

Kerry Ray Tracy/Editor
Potassium Magazine.