A collection of images that reflect work appearing in the current issue of PHOTOSESSIONMAG. Some work displayed is only viewable in this gallery and are not seen in the print issue. Artist work is represented in two formats, online and in print. Take a minute and enjoy the work of our current featured artist.


Take the time to look through our online magazine galleries, and departments. The online version of PSM will grow to be a match to it's print version. As always we encourage artist to be part of this magazine. Help in it's growth and be part of a group of like minded individuals who simply enjoy the art of photography.

Issue Two of PHOTOSESSIONMAG is out and ready for purchase. The Art issue was a challenge in many ways to complete. But well worth the battle.
12 artist, featured in this issue, with a variety of work and talent. I love that everyone took this concept and ran with it. We even had a few who had fun diverting from the usual type of images they would capture.
Issue Two is $18.95, through Blurb Books, and this time around the PDF is available as well. No waiting until a later date.
 I would like to congratulate, Felicity Talbot for winning our first Cover Conest. This is an awesome image and deserves to be on our cover.
Buy your copy of Issue Two today!!! And then from here we gear up for Issue Three!!